Interior and Landscape Lighting Design Services

From initial consultation to final lighting adjustments, our lighting design services add value to every project.

Consultation with Design Team Members

  • Meet with Architect, review existing plans and architectural detail
  • Meet with Client and Design Team to determine lighting needs and desired effects
  • Discuss schedule with Contractor
  • Request furniture plans from Interior Designer

Lighting Design

  • Determine appropriate lighting for task lighting, architectural lighting, art illumination, decorative, general and specialty lighting
  • Select, specify and locate all light fixtures and switch locations
  • Generate light fixture specifications based on extensive review and evaluation of current LED technologies
  • Layout switching and dimming specifications
  • Create and distribute light fixture specification booklets

Complete Lighting Plans

  • Produce plans in AutoCAD®
  • Convert hand drawings to AutoCAD®
  • Provide comprehensive drawings with symbol legends to identify light fixture type and location
  • Create and distribute Title-24 compliant residential permit lighting plans, construction lighting plans and “As Built” drawings
  • Collaborate / cooperate with Energy Consultant for non-residential Title-24 compliance
  • Revise lighting plans as necessary to keep current with architectural / design changes
  • Prepare lamping plans upon request

Lighting Control Systems

  • Assist Client in determining budget for lighting controls
  • Assist in selection of lighting controls based on Client’s budget and functional requirements
  • Design and layout of controls including load list, keypad layout and light fixture looping
  • Document controls for proper installation
  • Design keypads to minimize the number of buttons per plate and maximize flexibility and ease of use
  • Create initial programming and keypad engraving for all controls
  • Instruct Client on how to operate and program controls

Project Supervision and Management

  • Attend design and construction meetings at different stages of project
  • Gain agreement on lighting design concepts with Client and other design disciplines
  • Ensure accurate communication of lighting design concepts
  • Ensure proper installation of lighting and control equipment by timely on-site job supervision

Final Lighting Adjustments and Focusing

  • Install specialty lamps, louvers, lenses, and optical devices
  • Adjust accent light fixtures to properly illuminate the subject(s)

Custom Lighting Mock-Ups

  • Demonstrate specific lighting effects for Clients and Design Team members

Lighting Renderings

  • Provide conceptual lighting renderings using AGi32 software

Photometric Calculations

  • Calculate light fixture foot candles using AGi32 software and provide formatted photometric plan